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Being in the cattle and horse business most of his life, R.D. wanted to establish a professional horse training segment developing well trained equines and well educated riders. Having Bachelor degrees in Animal Science and Business with minors in Chemistry and Economics from Angelo State University and New Mexico State University gave him the opportunity to teach and coach in public and private education in New Mexico and Texas for 16 years. Teaching and coaching gave him the chance to work and learn from students of all abilities, attitudes, and backgrounds.

Educating started early for R.D. with running 4-H clinics, workshops and demonstrations in shearing, clipping and showmanship at age 12. Being elected to numerous local, regional and state 4-H offices helped in leadership roles and public speaking. Being competitive in state and national roping and showing events in Texas gave him experience in the formal competitive world. Increased teaching responsibilities with horsemanship, livestock training methods, the annual county livestock show and rodeo event, while lessons increased during High School and College. R.D. trained primarily barrel, ranch, roping and trail horses after college. His brother still ropes professionally while his Dad at one time threw a mean rope is now retired from roping also, R.D. is getting more involved with reining and cutting.

Understanding that positive reinforcement, response conditioning and reconditioning not only works for horses but helped in RD’s classroom and coaching career. Initiating and applying alternative teaching and learning methods not only helped in understand livestock and horses but it really came in handy in raising their kids, David a Texas A&M grad working for the NRCS and Christina whom we miss dearly since passed on February 15, 2009.

Always looking for a better way of training RD gravitated towards a certification program that had the same basic training principles as he and attended the John and Josh Lyons Trainers Certification Program. “I have the utmost respect for John in giving his no-nonsense approach and for his son Josh with his speed and innovations in training while keeping the horse subtle and willing. I’m glad I was on the right track but they gave me focus with a better understanding of the horse’s domain while increasing the horses training possibilities ” RD said.
Just a big Thank You to all our friends that have helped us and our family - Christina cared for you all very much! We all Love and Miss her

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