Sorry - Not taking any Riders from this point on 5-1-15

Ask yourself, “What is your goal or purpose in riding or showing lessons?”

Group or Private:

• Pleasure; Leisure and/or competitive
 • Trail; Leisure and/or competitive
 • Western; Leisure and/or competitive

• Western Events: Cutting, Reining, Rodeo - like all riding you need balance but one needs a heightened level
of awareness and seat control

A helmet is mandatory for students between 5-12 years of age. Its advisable for all others. Thanks

Sorry - Not taking any Horses from this point on 5-1-15

Ask yourself, "What are the skills and cues that you would like on the horse?"

Foundation to Finish
• Colts to Adults: Green or Unbroke to “Problem”; Round pen, Ground Work, Sacking out, Bridle work
(I start and finish with a snaffle), Bosal, Hackamore, bits if you want, Leg and hoof, Saddling,

Trailer training, Riding
  • Cutting; Body control, Reining, Stops, Turnbacks, Positioning,
  • Dressage Levels 1-3; Collection, Body position, Shoulder in/fore, Haunches in/fore, Leg-yielding, Half pass, Half halts, Lateral work, Lead changes, Side pass, Supple contact, Piaffe
• Reining; Speed changes, Stops, Slides, Spins, Lead changes, Rollbacks

• Racetrack; Head position, Rein and Bit control but relaxed, Proper lead, Gate starting

• Ranch; Competition or real ranch work, Cutting, Reining, Roping, Moving through gates
• Rodeo; Barrel, Pole bending, Goat tying, Tie-down Roping, Team Roping

• Trail; Leisure and/or competitive

• Western; Leisure and/or competitive

The objective is to progress the horse through suppleness and lightness of movements with acceptance of hackamore or bridle. Moves and speed of maneuvers are all indicative of the horse's genetics, heart and environmental conditions. Higher level skills will be dependent on the horses ability and willingness. I train through Lyons rules of not getting hurt, not getting the horse hurt and finishing the horse calmer than when I started the session with consistency, persistence, patience, experience and awareness .

While having Equine Liability and Care and Control Insurance you can rest assure that your horse’s care and well-being is as important as its training development. Here at Running H Performance Horses LLC our dedication in training horses for the weekender to the professional competitor is to provide a horse willing and able for the rider to show and/or have a joyous and fulfilling ride. Give us a call and distinguish how we can help in providing an experience which can bring mutual trust and understanding between you and your horse.

Remember to Just Ride!

Horses for Sale

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Facilities: Due to our family members health concerns I can no longer help individuals to ride or help in their horse's training. Thank all the great people whom I have met along with their horses. My wife and I really enjoyed the time spent with you and we hope to someday start again.

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